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Are you a campsite or holiday park owner in the UK?

Are you struggling to fill all your pitches throughout the year? 

Do you want to provide your customers with a streamlined and efficient way to book a pitch at your site without needing to call or email you?

Then my FREE campsite audit and report is what you're after!

Elton Cilliers. The Online Presence Guy. Web design. Website design. Social Media Manager. Digital Marketing. Digital Marketer. Cambridge. London. United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Elton, the online IT specialist and business analyst who will help you dominate your competition online and ensure your campsite is always fully booked.

Did you know that there are over 7000 registered campsites in the UK?

With staycations a new thing, and a record years for motorhome, caravan and campervan sales in 2020/2021 there is no reason why your campsite shouldn't always be full.

I help campsite and holiday parks fill their pitches all year around (for those sites that remain open all year) by providing consulting services which look not only at your campsite itself, but your online marketing strategy. 

Many campsites and holiday parks have little or no online presence and appear to rely on word of mouth to get bookings. 

In my experience of travelling the UK in a motorhome and having stayed at many campsites already, many smaller sites are completely empty, or very quiet.

It is also my experience that many campsites still require you to call them to make a booking with many sites then not answering the call or responding to the voicemail left. These sites are essentially losing business by not being available to speak with a possible client. 

I help campsites implement a streamlined way for clients to book on their sites.

Free campsite audit

If you are not in a rush to implement changes to your website or online presence, you may wish to join my list for a free campsite audit. 

During this audit, I will create a report of your campsite including topics like:

  • Campsite overview​ (pitch conditions, facilities available etc)

  • Things to do/see in the area

  • Website audit

  • Social media audit

  • Booking system audit

The report will contain detailed information for each topic and provide help on how to improve where necessary to ensure you get more interest in your campsite online.

To learn more about my free campsite audit service, click the button below

The Online Presence Guy Says Hi. Web design. Wesbsite Designer. Social Media Management. Digital Marketing. Digital Marketer. SEO Consultant. Cambridge. London. United Kingdom

"If you are looking for a new website and want someone who does a thorough job, is great at communicating and keeps you up to date on how the job is progressing, Elton is the person you need to call, immediately!"

Concetta Cassidy / Copywriter / Owner

(source: Google Reviews)

The Online Presence Guy. Web Design. Website Designer. Social Media Manager. Digital Marketer. Digital Marketing. SEO Consultant. Business coach. Cambridge. London. United Kingdom
Website and social media audit

If you have an existing website that you feel simply isn't bringing in enough bookings for you, this could be down to several reasons, for example:

  • Out of date design

  • Outdated information

  • Not mobile optimised

  • Not SEO (search engine optimised)

  • No online booking system

  • Broken links/images which make the website look abandoned.

My website audit will take an in-depth look at your website, how it scores for performance (a major factor for search engine optimisation), usability and accessibility. In addition I will perform a full SEO audit. 

The report provided will detail what you're doing well, what you're not doing well and what you're not doing at all but need to do including how you can make these improvements yourself. 

In addition to your website, I will also audit 1 social media platform that you already have a presence on and make recommendations on how you can improve your presence there to generate more inbound leads.

All this for a mere £100 investment in your business!

"Elton has managed my Pinterest business account for several months. He is prompt, professional and his photographer's eye for beautiful images and knowledge of SEO has been a winning combination."

Michele / Constulant / Managing Director

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The Online Presence Guy Training. Web Design. Website designer. Social Media Manager. Digital Marketing. SEO Consultant. Cambridge. London. United Kingdom
Business support and training that delivers results

If any aspect of running your business has you pulling your hair out in frustration, stop scrolling—this section is for you!


With over 15 years of business analysis and training experience, I help business owners or their assigned staff with training on the following business tools and social media platforms:

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Pinterest

  • Canva

  • Trello

  • Microsoft Office

  • Wix

  • SquareSpace

  • WordPress

  • Photography (to create your own professional looking images for your marketing efforts)

"Elton brings more than 20 years of IT industry experience to his consulting practice and that is worth gold. He has seen it all and brings loads of wisdom to his clients. We had a one hour consulting session in which he used insightful questions to immediately identify the areas I was struggling with and he provided me with practical strategies and quick win success tips that I could implement immediately. I have a much clearer understanding of what I should be focusing on right now. Elton combined business and online social media marketing coaching in a way that left me more confident about my business. I recommend you get in touch with him, even if it's only for a quick discovery call, just to see where he could make a difference in your business today."

Brett / Business Owner

(source: Google Reviews)

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