Online Presence Guy FAQs

Howsit (hello in South Africa) and welcome to my ever-growing frequently asked questions. I hope that this will evolve into a useful resource for those considering starting up their first business, current small business owners and freelancers alike. 

The FAQs will cover common questions I get related to business startup, business planning, website help and tips, social media help and tips, common business tool questions and whatever else you may find useful.

Your questions answered

Social Media

Do you have any social media packages for under £297?

Yes. I have a very basic social media package for £197 which does NOT include any engagement whatsoever. I don't advertise this service on my website simply because I do not believe there is any value in having a social media manager if you are going to ignore engagement on the platform.

If you have the time to dedicate to engaging on the platform yourself, then this package would be suitable.

What do you do as part of engagement?

This is entirely up to my clients. I can spend the time simply engaging with those who have engaged with your posts, for example responding to comments or inbox messages. Or I could spend the time following/unfollowing targetted user groups. This will be discussed and agreed during our kickoff meeting.

Can I change the focus of your engagement?

Yes. You can change the focus of my engagement on a monthly basis for the following month period.

Do I approve the content you post?

Yes. I will share a social media planner calendar with you each week. You will have the opportunity to approve or request any changes provided they are received prior to your feedback deadline as to not cause any disruption to your post frequency and service.

Can I change the services you provide?

Yes. If you would like to increase the services I provide this can be done at any time during your retainer period. A new quotation will be provided based on your new requirements and amendments made to the contract agreement should you accept. You cannot reuce your services/price per month during any retainer term I'm afraid.

What is the month end Zoom call?

For those clients on my silver or gold social media packages, it includes an up-to 30-minute call at the end of each monthly period. If the client is on a retainer, this call takes place a week before the new monthly period begins.

This call is to go through the results in the previous month. For those clients on a retainer, the call takes place a week before your monthly anniversary date to allow for any changes in direction you want for the next month. Perhaps you have a sale, service or product you want to push for the following month etc.

Do you manage Twitter accounts?

No. I have personally never been a fan of Twitter and therefore have very little experience of the platform therefore I will not charge a client to delivery a service I haven't got several years of experience using myself. I do however work with someone who is far more experience with Twitter than I and therefore we can provide a quote if you would like Twitter management. Please get in touch below with the contact form or book a FREE 15-minute discovery call to discuss your requirements.

Do you manage Pinterest accounts?

I certainly do! You can see my Pinterest services here.

Pinterest as a platform requires far more daily posts (at least 5 per day!) and therefore is excluded from our standard social media management pricing.

Aren't Wix websites bad for SEO?

No! This is a common annoyance for me. WordPress developers especially will always be shouting, 'Wix is bad for SEO!' or many other inaccuracies. I have created a blog post specifically to address this common misunderstanding about Wix. I have had my photography site on Wix for some 4 years now and I will personally never outgrow it for my business needs. My clients can book photoshoots through the online booking system, pay for it online, I can sell products through the store etc. So please don't believe the opinions of those with a vested interested in selling you a WordPress site! I will recommend WordPress, WHEN it suits your business needs and requirements, not because it benefits me putting you on the platform so I can tie you into monthly fees.

Website development

Do you only build Wix and Squarespace websites?

Yes. This is simply due to choice and personal experience with Wordpress. I prefer to build websites for clients who want to be able to maintain the basic day to day activities themselves rather than have a retainer fee with them to do things I can train them to do themselves. If my clients choose to still have me on retainer then that is fine, but I strongly believe in the philosphy of 'teach a person to fish...'

Do you build WordPress websites?

I no longer offer WordPress websites for my clients simply because 99% of the time, WordPress sites aren't the best choice them. I do however have a couple people that I refer any WordPress website work to. So if you are looking for WordPress specific work, please do get in touch or book a FREE 15-minite dicovery call to discuss and I can refer you to someone best suited to help you.

I'm not sure which website host is best for me?

That is very common for many of my clients and is exactly why I offer my FREE 15-minute discovery call in which I get to understand your business and growth plans and then make a totally independant recommendation based on YOUR needs rather than my preferences.

Do you do SEO work?

When I build, or perform a refresh of your Wix or SquareSpace websites I will perform the site and page SEO work and also ensure all information important to search engine rankings are present on your website. I will also provide you with a guide on how you can continue to ensure your SEO improves as SEO is NOT a one off process and anyone who says, "We can get you on page 1" please immediately block. No genuine person offering SEO services will make that guarantee because very few of my clients have the monthly budget to afford being consistantly on page 1 for high value keywords. The guide supplied will help you if you put the time into doing the items discussed within.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is essentially the process of getting your website and online content found when someone searches Google, Bing etc SEO IS NOT A ONE OFF One of the things that really irritates me within my industry are those who try to sell SEO as a quick win. Folks, SEO is a constant process. The larger search engines, and lets be honest, there is only really 1, Google, keep changing the way they index websites an the weight they give to things within websites. So you may have a website that is ranking on page 1 today, but it's unlikely going to be the case in a year UNLESS you continue to work on your SEO. So please do not be fooled by these 'one trick' types!

Do you provide copywriting services?

Yes. If you are not great at writing about yourself, which I can totally relate to, or simply not good with words in a sales capacity then I can certainly write the copy for your website. This will require a one hour Zoom video call with you in which I will ask a few questions which will allow me to discover important aspects of your business and equally importantly, your personality. Based on this call I will then write up draft content for each page within your website. You will then get an opportunity to make change requests and once signed off this copy will be added to your website. Please use the contact form below, or book a FREE 15-minute discovery call to discuss your requirements and for a price including copywriting servies.