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Social media images that grab attention

With millions of images uploaded to social media on a daily basis, do your images stand out from the noise?

The Online Presence Guy Grapic Design. Social Media Artwork. Website Artwork. Graphic Design. Social Media Images. Cambridge. London. United Kingdom

You focus on the content, I'll design the artwork


Do you require some images or artwork for your website? From header banners to images aligned with your page copy/text I can assist in creating on-brand imagery to provide a pleasing viewing experience for your visitors.

Social media posts

Managing your social media platforms can be one of the most time-consuming activities for a new business owner. And when you start taking on clients, you will find you have less time to create your own content. I can assist by taking the image design work off your hands.

Banners and headers

Cover images are prime real estate often overlooked by businesses. I will create on-brand, bespoke banners and cover images for LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook etc

Pricing for social media images

I've done my best here to provide prices for as many of the services as possible. However, please do get in contact if you have a requirement for a large number of images, or require images on a regular weekly/monthly basis as discounts are available for larger quantity/regular image requirements

Banner or cover images

For use on your website, blog posts and social media platforms


Social media posts

Designed to the optimal size depending on which platform they will be posted to.

£30  - Canva template design - I create a template that you can reuse as many times as you like

£10 - Image design - if you require a specific one-off social media, website or blog post design

£2 - Image from template - if you purchase a template and require images based on the template design with minor changes

A few examples of my work

If you require help with creating social media images that will stand out from the crowd then use the contact form below to get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as possible for a chat.

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