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Google My Business For Small Business Owners

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

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If you are a small business owner and have not registered your business on Google My Business, you are missing a very important trick and exposure for your business/brand.

In this post, I'll cover the top 8 reasons why you should definitely take the time to add your business on Google My Business.

What is Google My Business?

Obviously, it's a tool provided by Google, the worlds largest search engine provider (who also happen to own YouTube). Google My Business (GMB) helps business owners take control of their brand and location as it appears on Google.

In some instances, Google may create a listing for your business automatically however the information available in these auto-generated listings are very often very basic so it's highly recommended at all small business owners register and verify their business listing so that they can control the information presented here and increase their local SEO especially.

8 reasons why you should register your business on Google My Business!

It's free!

Yes, it's absolutely free to register your business and to use Google My Business. And given how powerful the tool can be for your business if used correctly, this is one freebie you absolutely want to take advantage of!

Be found on the web aka it's good for SEO

Using GMB for your business increases your chances of being found on the web. Especially so in your local area where people using the GPS on their phone are more likely to be shown local businesses. If you're registered on GMB you have a presence on Google Maps.

Show up on Google Maps

As mentioned above, once you have registered and verified your business on Google My Business, your business will show up on Google Maps further enhancing your chances of being found online.

Map. Google maps. Show your business. Blog. Blogger. Business blog. Social media blog. Business tips. Social media tips. SEO. Website tips. Online presence tips. Small business owner. Freelance. Cambridge. Haverhill. Business coach. Social media manager. Website designer. EmC Consulting.

Build credibility

Clients are able to leave reviews for you via your Google My Business listing. With some 85% of people surveyed saying they trust online reviews as much as they do word of mouth, getting reviews is essential to any small business owner.

Given 4 out of 5 people use search engines for local searches, having your reviews appear along with your search result listing is very powerful in convincing a potential client that your business is one they want to work with.

You can also respond to any Google reviews left for your business.

Take control of your listing

As mentioned above, in some cases, Google may automatically create a listing for your business, or someone else may do so. By verifying your listing, you take full control of the information you present to potential leads and clients.

You can put out posts about new services or blog posts you may have published. Publish images relevant to your business. Create offers and more!

Device agnostic

Over 60% of internet traffic is now performed on mobile devices. Google My Business is totally device agnostic and presents itself perfectly on a desktop or smartphone.

It takes just minutes to register

Signing up and claiming your business literally takes a few minutes.

Simply log into Google and then navigate to

Start typing your business name to see if it already exists on Google. If it does, simply select the suggested name.

If your business is not already listed continue through the process of adding your details. If you are a business owner that works from home, you may not want to put your exact address. If clients visit you then obviously you'd want to ensure the full physical address is entered.

You will then need to verify your ownership of your business. If you have entered a physical address for your business, it's likely that the only option for verification will be for Google to send a postcard to the address you have stipulated. This card will contain a verification code that you then enter in Google My Business to verify your ownership of the business.

If you have chosen to omit your address, then other verification options will be available, including via email, automated telephone call or text message.

Always accessible

There is also a Google My Business app that you can install on your smartphone so that you are always able to respond to queries, post any spur of the moment updates or images or view and reply to any new reviews left by clients.

What to do now

Go and sign up to Google my Business if you have not already done so. Hopefully, the content within this blog post has convinced you that it's a no brainer.

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