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Happy New Year 2021

Updated: 2 days ago

I'm sure there are many who will agree that 2020 was an enormous shit show. A year that I truly hope I never have to endure again in my lifetime.

To say 2020 was challenging would be an understatement. It affected my photography business significantly. A business I launched in June 2019. 9 months in, a 4-month lockdown for photography studios. No weddings. Most offices empty or skeleton staff.

News of the impending lockdown in England for November 2020, I decided that I needed to implement plan Z, launch my business consulting business.

I spent most of November building the website, creating social media accounts for the new business and starting to build an audience.

I have also secured 2 clients for social media management which has been reassuring. Feedback from the clients after their first month is very positive 😊

Video content

Anyone who knows me personally will understand why I have spent 40 years BEHIND a camera. I simply do not appreciate my appearance on video.

But I also understand the importance of being authentic.

What I see in the videos, my friends, family and clients see in real life (in non-COVID times).

So I am planning on starting a Youtube channel on which I will post a variety of videos. Some will be random ramblings. Some will be quick how-tos. Some will be longer tutorials. Some lives etc.

Let me know what you'd find valuable

It would be great to get your input on what sort of content you'd like to see me talk about on my YouTube channel.

Whether it's about starting a business, growing a business, social media, websites, blogging or photography.

Your feedback would ensure that I put my time and efforts into creating content YOU want to see.

So please do pop a comment below 🙏

Become profitable

Due to the impact of COVID, I need to become profitable as a business within 4 months. Failing to do so would mean I would have to seek employment and give up on the dream. For now.

Unfortunately, 2020 saw the depletion of all my savings getting through the lockdowns and impact on the hospitality and event sectors.

It is a very achievable goal providing I put the necessary time and effort into my marketing and ensure that I'm bringing valuable content to my audience.

This business is only 2 months old after all, therefore it is still going to be a challenge to pick up the 3 clients I need to be profitable as a business. Check back end of April for an update on this one!

Launch Art Work store

I will be launching social media stores (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Website) selling some of my photography work.

Sizes will range from standard 6 x 4, 7 x 5, A5, A4, A3 prints to larger posters and canvasses.

Some images will be limited editions prints from my Mentally Unhealthy photography project which I hope to pick up again this year.

Please be sure to sign up to my newsletter if you'd like to be notified when the store goes live and other news from me (EmC Consulting).

Get crowdfunding for Mentally Unhealthy project

I started a photography project around 18 months ago entitled Mentally Unhealthy. The primary goal of this project is the release of a photobook containing images showing the real ugliness of mental health along with the stories of those photographed.

This is especially poignant now following the pandemic once we are able to start returning to some sort of normality assuming the vaccines work/have worked depending when you're reading this.

Please sign up for my newsletter if you would be interested in funding this project. I will be creating some great rewards for those who support the project.

Build up the Small Business Support Squad Facebook group

I recently started the Small Business Support Squad Facebook group (December 2020) and have set myself a modest goal of reaching 500 by the end of 2021. If you're a small business owner and could find value in a community of likeminded business owners and freelancers check out this post and come and join us, please 🙏

Create and run two 5-day online-presence challenges (in 2021)

I am currently putting together the project plan for a 5-day challenge on Facebook aimed at small business owners that want to learn how to promote their small businesses on limited budgets.

Check out this blog post for more information and be sure to sign up to the newsletter if you'd like to be kept up to date with the launch.

Depending on the success (or not) of these challenges, I may add more during the year but the goal is two.

Deliver 10 websites

I currently have an introductory offer of a 6-page Wix website, including all essential SEO elements, a 2-hour virtual photoshoot with the client to get unique images for use on the website and social media and full training on how to manage and admin your website yourself, saving £500-£1000 per year on support & maintenance retainers commonly found with other website designers.

I have set, hopefully, a realistic goal for 2021 in wanting to assist 10 clients with new or updated websites.

Acquire 4 new social media clients on 6 month+ retainers

In an effort to become profitable in 2021, it's my goal to sign up at least 4 new clients for social media management services for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

A busy year ahead

So there you have it, my goals, in black and white, for 2021

A lot of planning, time and effort is going to be required to be in a position at the end of the year where I can successfully update you on achieving all of these goals.

Get Involved

As mentioned, I'm looking to build the Small Business Support Squad Facebook group as well as start-up my YouTube channel. You can get involved by joining the Facebook group here and/or commenting below with any content or training videos you would find of value within your business.

If you are considering a new website for 2021, then please do get in touch via the contact form below, or book a free 15-minute discovery call with me to have a chat about your requirements.

If you are going through growth and need someone to take over running your social media accounts so you can spend that time (up to 1 week per month depending on your post frequency) working with your clients on income-generating activities then have a look at my social media management packages.

Or perhaps you don't have the funds just yet to pay a social media manager but you'd like to use your time and efforts as effectively as possible on your social media accounts, then why not get in touch about the training services I provide? I provide training on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Sign up to my newsletter to be kept up to date with new blog posts, YouTube content, 5-day challenge launch and more.

Fancy sharing your goals?

If you'd like to air your goals for 2021, to have it written somewhere in black and white, as a sort of 'holding yourself account' act, then do comment below and let me know what your goals are for 2021!

Happy New Year folks!

May it be a totally awesome year for you and yours and I hope like hell that it will be the year that we get on top of COVID as soon as possible.

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