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Is using Link.tree bad for SEO?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

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Is using link.tree bad for SEO?

Unfortunately, it is.

It isn't so much that it's bad for SEO, it's that it's not ideal for SEO.

Let me explain.

What is link.tree?

Link.tree is one of many websites that allow you to create a free webpage onto which you place links to content you would like your audience to be navigated to. For example, you may have a link to your website, a link to your blog, a link to your newsletter signup etc.

Most social media platforms only allow you to have one link on your profile. This can be restricting if you have various online accounts and content that you want people to see.

Most social media platforms allow you to put a link in your caption for the post you are composing. This link is then clickable once the post is published. An exception to this is Instagram. On Instagram links in captions are not clickable.

And that is where link pages originated.

The link page allows you to direct your audience to your BIO to view the link and once clicked they can navigate to their area of interest. You can easily add/remove or reorder the items on your link page.

Why using 2nd party sites for your link page should be avoided

When you use the likes of Link.tree, Tailwind and others to create your link page, you are also getting them to host it for you. This means that every time someone clicks on your hosted link, that person is not visiting your own website initially. But instead, they are being sent to whoever hosts your link page.

So why is that a problem?

Site traffic, that is, the number of visitors your website gets is one of the many factors that make up SEO.

Site traffic

Remember, when you have a website, you want it to be seen right? What is the point of having a website that no one can find and you literally have to send them a link so they can get to it? It's like having a store on the high street and having no door or shop front window. People simply won't know you're there.

One main way to get your site found is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). I will go into more detail about what SEO is in another post. For the purpose of this post, I'll focus on site traffic.

When you search engine optimise your site, you do so to attract visitors to your website. Some businesses pay for ad campaigns to get visitors to their websites.

Do you get where I'm going with this?

Getting people to your site is what you're in business for. Providing free traffic to 3rd party websites isn't doing your brand any favours. If you're doing the work to get people to click on your link, why send them off to someone else's website?

The irony

Yet, despite wanting to get visitors to their websites, many business owners make the mistake of using a 3rd party solution to create their link pages. So they are essentially sending any interest they create in their brand, to someone else's website. Take a minute, get your head around that.

"But Elton, if all the links are to my content what does it matter?"

Are ALL the links on your link page to your website?

On my link page, for example, I have links for joining my newsletter, which is hosted by Mailchimp, another takes them to a Facebook support group, another to my Pinterest account etc.

If ALL the links on your link page do point back to your website then fair enough, you can stop reading now.

But if even one of your links points to a website that isn't yours, then you are losing traffic to your own website.

It's just a website page

If you already have a website, then you already have the means to build YOUR OWN link page.

A basic link page, depending on your ability to make changes to your own website will take less than an hour of your time to create. An hour that will be time very well spent in your SEO efforts of getting traffic to your website!

All you need to do is create a new blank page based on the same colours as the rest of your website. Then simply include the following to make a simple but effective link page:

  1. Your logo at the top

  2. A rectangle shape, coloured with one of your brand colours.

  3. Buttons - each button will be a link to wherever you want to send your visitors

That is literally it!

Take a look at my link page I made for my business as a visual example of the above instructions

If you are unable to create the page yourself, I can create you a basic one link mine for just £25/$34.50 (Wix or SquareSpace). Get in touch via the contact form below if you'd like to book this service.

An example link page.  Link page. Link builders. Blog. Blogger. Business mentor. Business tips. Social media tips. Website designer. Social media manager. Cambridge. London. Haverhill. Linktree. Instagram. Facebook. LinkedIn. Pinterest.

A warning about Link.tree and Instagram

A specific warning for those using Link.tree links on Instagram. There are many reports within the social media groups and forums about Instagram accounts that contain Link.tree links being blocked!

This seems to be down to the fact that many people who use Link.tree are spammers on Instagram and therefore are now on Instagrams radar.

If you find that you're unable to post with your account, and you haven't done anything to your knowledge that violates their terms of use, if you have a Link.tree link on your profile, remove it and wait a day or two to see iff you're posting permission returns.


Traffic to YOUR OWN website is important for YOUR SEO. So please don't send it off to someone elsewhere, it's such an easy fix.

What to do now

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