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Online business headshot service

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Virtual photoshoot. Virtual headshot photographer. Virtual headshot photography. Online photoshoot. The Online Presence Guy. Cambridge. London. United Kingdom.

As I'm constantly looking to evolve into this new normal of ours and move any services I can online, I've decided to offer remote headshot services.

"How the hell is that going to work Elton!"

Quite simply.

You book your spot.

We schedule in a 20-minute online session.

I direct you during this call. The direction will include:

  • Lighting setup/change

  • Camera position (in relation to your face)

  • Pose direction for the perfect headshot

I then take the images using your smartphone's camera.

The images are automatically uploaded to me from your phone.

I edit them professionally and return them to you in original aspect ratio as well as square format for use across your social media channels.

Preparing for your virtual headshot photoshoot?

There are a few requirements to get the best headshot. Please ensure to perform these steps prior to our Zoom call as there's no opportunity to overrun.

  1. An iPhone or Android-based phone. Android phones need to be running 6.0 or newer. The newer the phone, the better the camera is generally and therefore the better results we will get.

  2. A tripod or phone cradle holder that can be height adjusted. Or another member of the household if there is one.

  3. Good lighting, ideally near a window. Artificial lighting can also be used if you have one available, for example, a ring light.

  4. A clear, and clutter-free background.

  5. Ability to install an App from the App Store

  6. A DropBox/Google Drive account to share the images you take with me.

  7. A hairbrush.

  8. A calm demeanour because I assure you that you will enjoy the experience.

So if you are in need of a new headshot but unwilling/unable/don't have the budget to commission a photographer, then get in touch and let's get you noticed online!

How much does it cost?

It's £49 which includes the 20-minute zoom call and full, professional-level editing of 2 images of your choice with either black or white background. If you wanted additional images edited these will cost £10 each.

How do I book a virtual photoshoot?

Hit the link below, select a slot that is convenient for you and pay online! Once your booking is confirmed, I'll send you some prep guides to get the best from your shoot.

Book Now!

How do I pay?

Payment can be made via BACs or online via the link above.

Examples of past clients

The Online Presence Guy. Web Design. Website Designer. Web developer. Wix Wesbites. Affordable websites. Website guarantee. Social Media Manager. Digital Marketing. London. Cambridge. United Kingdom

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