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Virtual Personal Brand Photoshoot

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Are you a business owner looking to update the images on your website and for use across social media?

Perhaps you're ongoing a website and/or brand refresh?

Perhaps your current imagery is outdated?

I'm delighted to announce that I'm able to offer online personal brand photoshoots for people around the world!

A smiling headshot of a brunette woman

Why do I need personal brand images?

Personal brand photography is a means of allowing your audience into your world. They consist of a variety of images showing you performing your day to day business duties, whilst others show you in a more casual way, for example enjoying a morning cuppa.

If your business relies on you being face to face with your clients, whether that's in person or online via a video call then it's important to let your audience know a little bit about your personality, style and brand.

Personal brand photography, when used on your website, blog posts and across your social media channels builds brand awareness and loyalty.

Where can I use personal brand images?

Personal brand images can be used across your marketing strategy, including on your website, blog posts, social media platforms, marketing material like flyers, business cards etc.

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Personal brand images can improve SEO

Just having a website these days isn't going to cut it. SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of getting your website or blog to rank highly in search engine results pages.

Without a good SEO strategy, the only way people are going to find your website is if you provide them with the link!

Having your own library of images to work from is also an SEO benefit. So many business owners make the mistake of using stock photography on their website and blog posts. Many of these free (and some paid for) stock images contain embedded metadata (information about the image) which is indexed by the likes of Google, Bing and other search engines. When you create a website or blog post with stock images, this metadata is read by the search engines, and if it's found on several other websites, the search engines give it a lower SEO score!

But I hate having my photographs taken!

This is way more common than most people probably appreciate. I myself am not a fan of having my photograph taken! I am not photogenic at all!

But then I have to remind myself, that that face/person in the image is the same person that my clients see whether face to face in person or on a video call.

Most people, including myself, don't have a nervous breakdown when arranging a face to face meeting, do we?

It is the job of the photographer to make you feel comfortable so that those nerves are simply something you spent unnecessary time stressing about.

A common theme throughout my reviews and recommendations across my social media channels is my ability to put my clients at ease in just a few minutes of us meeting.

It is one of my unique selling points. Everyone these days that owns a smartphone thinks they are a photographer, but very few have the people skills to make a complete stranger feel totally comfortable within minutes.

With the online personal brand photoshoot service that I offer, you don't actually see my mug! And for some, this actually makes it a little easier.

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How does an online personal brand photoshoot work?

Each photographer will have their own workflow with regards to onboarding a new personal brand photoshoot client. If you book with me the process is as such.

Book a free 20-minute discovery call. During this call, we will discuss your personal brand photography requirements. At this point, if I do not feel confident that I can delivery the imagery you are looking for, I will not commit to moving further with you. This also gives us the opportunity to understand each other's personalities. You may decide that I'm not for you and prefer to look elsewhere.

  1. Book your online personal brand photoshoot online. Assuming we have both agreed to move forward following the discovery call, you can book your photoshoot directly on my photography website for a date and time that is convenient for you.

  2. Included in your booking is a 30-minute pre-shoot planning Zoom call. During this call, we will discuss your moodboard (see point 4 below) and agree on any specific images we will look to capture during your personal brand photoshoot. We will also discuss brand colours, what to include in the photoshoot, what to avoid etc.

  3. Your prep work prior to the photoshoot. See this blog post about preparing for your personal brand photoshoot. The moodboard is especially important and I may reschedule a photoshoot if you have not provided a moodboard. The reason for this is simply if you don't know what you like, then it's virtually impossible for me to know 😊 My priority is always to create raving fans of my clients, and to this end, I want to ensure as much as possible that I deliver images that attract YOUR eye and not necessarily my style.

  4. The photoshoot. During the photoshoot, I will essentially be taking control of your smartphone's camera! I will therefore obviously be able to see what your 'camera' sees on my end, but as mentioned about, you will not see me. I will direct you where to place the camera/phone. What props to include. How to pose. Finding the best lit areas etc.

  5. I supply samples of the images taken during the photoshoot from which you then choose the ones that you would like. Included in your photoshoot fee are 15 images. Additional images can be purchased at just £10 each!

  6. I develop the images you have chosen and make them available to you to download.

  7. You leave me a glowing review because you're so pleased with the results.

Happy business partners

What do I need for an online personal brand photoshoot?

The requirements are pretty simple, and for most business will be equipment they already have.

Mandatory items:

A moodboard (see this blog post for preparation tips). A collection of images that you've seen and liked. This will give your photographer an idea of the style and look of images that you like which will guide them in selecting the right 'sets' in your home/office to use to create images similar in style to those you have added to your moodboard.

  • A fairly recent iPhone or Samsung smartphone (the newer the phone, the better the resulting images will be)

  • Ability to install an app from the Appstore

  • A tripod with a phone cradle (click here for a recommended tripod, holder and Bluetooth shutter control for under £20!) OR a phone cradle that is pretty versatile to be placed around your home/office OR another individual who can hold the phone as directed by me.

  • Well lit areas of your home/office to shoot in OR a photography/videography light for illumination.

  • A Wifi, 4G or 5G connection

Optional items:

  • Props to discreetly include within the photoshoot sets.

  • Photography/videography lights if your home/office space isn't naturally well lit or the photoshoot is taking place in the evening.

  • Additional outfits.

Sounds AWESOME! How do I book my photoshoot!?

If you'd like to book a personal brand photoshoot in the comfort of your own home/office, without the risk of having a stranger in your space, then you can book your photoshoot online for a date and time to suit you! Please bear in mind, you need to have a moodboard, so if you haven't already created one, then ensure your allow yourself enough time when booking your photoshoot to create your moodboard prior to your shoot.

I look forward to making you feel great about yourself and getting your business found online!


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