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The £699 website deal - affordable websites for all

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

The £699 website deal. The Online Presence Guy. Web Design. Website Designer. Web developer. Wix Wesbites. Affordable websites. Website guarantee. Social Media Manager. Digital Marketing. London. Cambridge. United Kingdom

That's right, you didn't read incorrectly.

I am currently offering a full website design and build service for just £699!

But wait...

If you order now....

Well, you get a website for £699!

Why is your website design service so cheap?

This is simple. Whilst I've been building and hosting websites since 1998 (yes, I literally had my own servers in my home running Internet Information Services and coding websites in HTML) I haven't built any for other peoples businesses in the past 10 years as my career moved more into the sales side of things.

So whilst I build up my portfolio of happy clients and stunning websites, I'm keeping the prices realistic for the value my customers get from working with me.

It does NOT mean that you get inferior service.

It does NOT mean that I have no experience building websites.

It does NOT mean that I don't have an in-depth understanding of SEO.

It simply means that whilst I build up my portfolio and references, you get a great deal on a professional website build!

What do I get?

The following is included in my base package:

  • An up to 6-page Wix or Squarespace website

  • Built from scratch - your business deserves more than a template!

  • The initial site and page SEO

  • Built with a mobile-first approach*

  • Full training on the Wix or Squarespace editor so that you can take full ownership of the website.

  • An SEO guide providing tips and actions you can take to continue improving your SEO.

* Mobile-first approach means that I build your website focusing on the mobile version rather than the desktop layout. Why? Because with over 60% of internet traffic occurring on a mobile device it makes absolute sense that you would build your website for this format. Google has also now announced that they score your website based solely on the mobile version of your website. So if your mobile website isn't great, unfortunately, you simply won't show up in search results.

Besides a great looking website, you also benefit from knowing that your website has been search engine optimised (SEO), including the site and each page within it. Take a look at the results I have achieved for my recent client builds in this blog post.

Unlike other website designers who may charge less for their design packages but have little to no understanding of SEO, you will be working with a website designer with over 20 years of hands-on experience with the added benefit of also being very up to date with SEO changes and how to get your website ranking above your competition.

NOTE: It is only right for me to state that SEO is not a one-off process. Getting the SEO right on your website is simply the first step in the process, getting your website SEO wrong will mean that no matter how much efforts you put into other aspects of SEO, it's unlikely your website will ever rank well. When we work together, I ensure the foundations of SEO are put in place for all my website designs putting you in a great starting position to further improve your rankings.

The Shebang Guarantee

Want even more support to ensure your website outranks your competition locally on Google? Then my Shebang package may just be the answer you're looking for. With the Shebang package and guarantee, I will work with you for however long it takes for us to get your website ranking on page 1 of Google in your local area!

An up to 6-page website, with professionally written copy and the knowledge that you will be supported by an SEO consultant for as long as it takes, for just £1999! Have a Google, see how much SEO consultants charge per day and you will realise just how good a deal this is!

Check out this post for more information about the Shebang package and guarantee.

What don't I get?

  • I do not write the content/copy for your site. If you require me to write the copy, please see my website packages or use the form below to contact me with your specific requirements.

  • You have to pay for your Wix or Squarespace website in addition to my fee. You could use a free website on either of these platforms, however, I don't recommend this. Wix does offer a 'Connect your own domain' option for £3 a month, however, you do get ads displayed on your website. This is the case with any free websites.

What is the process of building my website?

Should you wish to take advantage of any of my packages, the process from start to launch would be as follows:

  • A project kick-off meeting - during this meeting we will agree on the timescales for delivery. I will let you know the information I will require from you during the course of the project.

  • Project plan - following our kickoff meeting I will put together a project plan incorporating our agreed deadlines. This will include deadlines for items that you need to provide, for example, the text for the pages, your brand guide etc. It will also contain dates for the draft site to be ready, deadlines for you to provide feedback/change requests in and more.

  • Build layout - I will begin work on the website structure and page layouts.

  • Sign-off on structure and layout - you get time to review the draft and submit any feedback and/or change requests.

  • Build the website - once you've signed off on the structure and layout of the website, I will begin adding the content and page elements.

  • Website beta - Once I've added the page content and elements you will be given time in which to review the site and provide any feedback or change requests.

  • Website launch - following any changes made from the feedback you provide, the website will be launched and made live.

  • Training - following the launch of your website I will provide training on the editor so that you can maintain your website yourself moving forward.

  • SEO guide - I will provide an SEO guide with actions you should perform to up your search engine rankings.

  • Project completion.

Do you have examples of your work?

As mentioned above, the primary reason for offering this low introductory price is to put together a more comprehensive portfolio of websites I can show potential clients.

You can see my current portfolio of recent builds and launches in this blog post

I have toyed with the idea of creating a few free websites just to show off different layouts and designs, so I may well do this if it will help potential clients feel confident about working with me.

What others have to say

Elton rebuilt my website which included optimising the SEO for each page, optimising the mobile website and installing and configuring a blog. Elton completed the work really quickly and within budget. Elton showed me how to update the website which allows me to keep things current. Elton was fun to work with and demonstrated a high level of technical expertise. He gave me lots of hints and tips about getting found on the web. If you’re looking for something new then give Elton a call! - Julie Osborn (April 2020) Source: LinkedIn

Elton, Fantastic job. Not only did you look after one of my connections by building a new website, but you also did this in record time and provided 1:1 training so she was able to administer it herself. It's always difficult to recommend someone you've not met face to face, and I can happily say I wasn't disappointed in your service and the client is very happy with the result. An added advantage, she has bespoke photos for her website too! I have no hesitation in recommending you to any potential clients for your IT/Website building expertise. Thank you, Carol - Carol McIntyre (April 2020) Source: LinkedIn

What to do now

If you are wanting to take advantage of this offer get in touch now to secure your website!

Use the contact form below or give me a call on +44 (0)7545 287 079

The Online Presence Guy. Web Design. Website Designer. Web developer. Wix Wesbites. Affordable websites. Website guarantee. Social Media Manager. Digital Marketing. London. Cambridge. United Kingdom

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