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Updated: 4 days ago

Over the last few weeks, I've been undergoing a little bit of a rebrand. And have decided to trade as The Online Presence Guy.

With this in mind, you can expect to see a bit of a change to the website (not too much as I'm pretty happy with it) and a new logo.

I have also just started a YouTube channel on which will be posting the following types of content for your enjoyment.

Business content

I will be posting various business-related content. From identifying your ideal client to SEO elements and considerations for your website. Social media hints and tips and any questions you may have. I also intend to create tutorials on various commonly used small business and freelancer tools which I hope will provide value. These will cover LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Wix, Squarespace, Canva, Trello and more.

Travel content

Once I begin my road trip, I will be posting content from my travels. This will be of most interest to fellow travel lovers and freelancers who are considering a move into the life of a digital nomad. I can guarantee you absolute authenticity about my advice and experiences.

Photography content

As a lifelong photographer, a large part of my travels is to document in images what I experience and try to convey moments that express humanity at its best, and it's worst. I am also looking forward to shooting some spectacular landscapes, sunrises and sunsets on my travels. So if you are a photographer, you may find value in the YouTube channel with regards to location sourcing, photography tips and advice, possibly kit reviews, and hopefully some genuinely cool images from around the world.

Personal content

I want people to follow me on this journey and feel like they are on it with me. Therefore I plan to share a lot of personal content. This could be my backstory, stories from my childhood, my experiences in life thus far. Life events that have shaped my current path. My opinions on things. It is my intention to be as authentic as I possibly can be whilst not giving away my bank pin code! Hopefully, my story and determination to make my dream a reality at the tender age of 48 will provide motivation for just one other person out there to chase their own dreams.

Setting expectations

I want to make it clear off the bat that you should NOT expect to see flash videos, with an old dude trying to act all hip and such filth, I know I'm not in my 20s so I'm not going to subject you to that nonsense. I know there is a massive market for that, but my channel is going to provide much entertainment value if it's all about flashing professional videos. Those I do for my clients.

There may be some cuss words. As mentioned once or twice already in this blog, I intend to be authentic. And because I don't intend to edit my videos (I may clip out the reaching over to hit record/stop button but other than that, no editing) what comes out of my mouth stays out of my mouth for you to hear. There may be some umms. And something I've just observed about myself which I will herewith work on. I won't mention what it is because then I'm sure you'll never NOT hear it!

No script. I won't be creating videos with a script. I know, this is really stupid, and yea, it may well be, but again, authenticity. The danger I foresee here is missing out on key elements about a subject matter. So perhaps I'll go with some bullet points! There are likely to be many videos when I'm on the road where I'm just sharing a moment of tranquillity or sharing my thoughts on a subject matter.

Did I mention authentic? A lot of people talk about being authentic online. Especially so as a small business owner. The theory being, people buy from people. So you are encouraged to tell stories. To share parts of your life that people can connect with and therefore have an emotional bond with your brand. However, I have first-hand experience of people who claim to be authentic seriously not being. These are the people who use shit or f*ck as punctuation in their sentences. But online never even utter bloody. Or the people who sit on the fence because they are so concerned their opinion will upset someone.

And here's the thing. I get it. I am the same to a certain degree. Even now. When you have to earn a living to get by in life, there is always this concern about just how authentic you are? What if you turn business away? What if you offend someone?

What if you lived someone else's expectations rather than your own life?

You have to bear in mind that for the vast majority of my working career I was involved in the corporate world. In charge of proposals and projects ranging in value from £30k to £50m in total contact value. I had to put on a persona. I had to wear suits. Not me. I had to constantly smile and share fake compliments. Not me. I compliment when it's deserved not because I'm trying to take your money from you. I'm polite and a gentleman, but not a butt kisser. I had to do a lot of that in my career and it sat very uncomfortably with me for a long time. It was one of the many factors why I eventually started up my own business. But more of my back story and the deciding factors around that will be published in separate posts.

Because I no longer want to live a life that is someone else's expectation of me, I am going to try and shed as many social layers as I can to be as authentic as possible without literally bearing my soul.

Please subscribe to the channel and join me on the adventure!

Come along for the ride.

It's sure to be bloody interesting!

I will post blog posts relating specifically to the road trip and photography over on my photography website so as not to confuse my audience here. The YouTube channel however will be a mixed bag.

I do hope that you will join me on this most exciting and terrifying decision of my life and that it provides some entertainment or educational

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