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Not convinced whether I'm the person to help you get your business known online? Want to see a few examples of my website design work? Of course, you do! You would be silly not to check someone's portfolio!

I personally would not engage with someone to design something for me who doesn't have a portfolio so how can I possibly expect my clients to?

I will update this blog as each website build is launched and announced by the client. Due to the nature of website design, and the need to update them at least every couple of years, I will/have taken video and images of the websites as they were when published.

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EmC Photography

The Online Presence Guy

The Cheeky Pineapple

EmC Photography

Homepage video tour

This is the current (08/04/21) edition of my photography website. I will be undertaking a significant rebrand of that website when my travelling starts as I will be using that website to document those travels.

It has been running for around 3-4 years on Wix and performs really well in Google results for many of my main keywords, and conversations rates.

The video below shows one of the service pages for the website

These are the mobile versions of the same pages.

The Online Presence Guy

The website to which this blog belongs. It to is hosted on WIx. The following videos were taken on 08/04/21.

This is the new business venture that I started on the 1st November 2020 following my photography business taking a severe beating during COVID restrictions. My studio was forced closed for 8 out of 12 months.

Whilst this website is still relatively new in terms of SEO timescales, I am already ranking 1st nationally for my only persona of The Online Presence Guy and I've even had it confirmed by several US-based clients that it ranks 1st there too! I'm pretty chuffed with that! My main keywords are still obviously a way off from page 1 but anyone who tell you SEO is a quick process, is frankly my dear, lying.

Home page of https://www.onlinepresence.biz

Services page

Mobile versions of the same pages

The Cheeky Pineapple

A recent website build for Concetta, owner of The Cheeky Pineapple copywriting.

She opted for Squarespace for her website host. The project was delivered within 3 weeks with Concetta supplying the copy/text for her website.

Video run-throughs captured on 08/04/21 and represent the website as delivered and launched.

The Cheeky Pineapple Home page

Services page

Mobile versions of the same pages

Get in touch using the form below to discuss your website requirements now and let's get you known to the world.

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