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Why aren't my TikTok videos doing well on Instagram?

Why you shouldn't share TikTok videos on other social media platforms. The Online Presence Guy. Social media tips. Instagram tips. LinkedIn tips. Online presence. Digital marketing. Marketing tips. Cambridge. London. United Kingdom

Quite a common thread of posts I'm seeing in online groups for small businesses is "My TikTok posts on Instagram are getting really poor reach'

But let me ask you to pause for a second. And ask yourself, "If I were Instagram (Facebook) would I want people posting content from my competitor on MY platform?"

If you're reading this, you're likely a freelancer or small business owner. Imagine you had a store selling cupcakes, and people off the street came into your store holding competitor boxes of cupcakes. What's that going to do for your business? Anyone in your store seeing all these boxes of your competitor is going to go and check them out.

This is the same on social media platforms. Their main aim is to keep you on their platform. The longer you're on the platform, the more money they make off you through showing you ads and charging the advertiser for doing so.

Instagram confirm limiting reach of TikTok videos

Instagram has publicly confirmed that they will restrict the reach of videos posted displaying the TikTok logo on the platform.

When you download a video you have created on TikTok it places its logo throughout the video. Again, TikTok does this because they want you to post to their platform and therefore, if you want to post it elsewhere, you will have to advertise on their behalf. It's clever marketing but annoying for us, right?

So if you post your TikTok videos to Instagram, and other platforms are likely to follow suit and I will update this post as they do, your reach will be limited. Perhaps completely limited to only being discoverable by those viewing your profile.

So I hope that clears up why your TikTok video posts aren't performing well on Instagram.

How do you get around these restrictions? Well, you create unique videos for each platform. Or do as I do, and record specifically for YouTube and then reuse (resize in a Canva template) on your other platforms. So record in full-screen landscape mode, try to keep yourself centred in the frame so that when you resize to fit say an Instagram grid post size, you will still be within the frame 😊 I will write a blog on creating reusable video content soon and update this post.

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