My training and courses are designed to be budget-friendly and save you weeks, if not months of trial and error or research.

Training courses and workshops

Steamlining your online presence efforts

Social media training

Social media is simply one of the many responsibilities you will have as a small business owner or freelancer. It is also possibly the most time-consuming!

My social media training is designed to provide you with all the guidance you need, from 3 decades of personal experience, so that you can be as efficient as possible with your time and efforts on social media.

During social media training you will be provided with the background of the platform, some recent statistics, setting up your account effectively, how often you should post, what to post and so much more. 

A truly worthwhile investment in your business which will save you weeks of time of self-research.

Business tool training

My business tool training is again geared towards saving you time and effort in trying to get your head around a new software package.

It's very likely that as a business owner, you will to take on roles that you have never had responsibility for before and/or use software that you're unfamiliar with.

I provide training on commonly used business tools including: Wix or Squarespace training, Canva training, Trello training, Microsoft Word training, Microsoft Excel training, Google Docs training and more.

Pricing for my training sessions

I keep my pricing structure simple. 

1:1 Basic Training

I charge £49 per hour for my training sessions. Below is the pricing list for my most commonly requested training. All are £49 for a 1-hour session unless otherwise stated.

LinkedIn training

Pinterest training

Instagram training

Facebook training

Canva training

Zoom training

Trello training

Mailchimp training

Microsoft Office

Book your basic training session online on my photography website

1:1 Advanced Training

Advanced training sees us going into far more detail. This includes an audit of your social media account (if you have one) or advice on how to optimally set up your account. An additional hour is required for advanced training so a total cost of £98 for a 2-hour in-depth training session. Courses available with advanced option:

LinkedIn training

Pinterest training

Instagram training

Facebook training

Canva training

Mailchimp training

Microsoft office

Book your advanced training session on my photography site

Workshop training

If you are an organisation with several employees, discounts are available on a sliding scale based on attendee numbers as follows:

1-3 attendees - £49pp (basic training) or £98pp (advanced training)

4-6 attendees - £40pp (basic) or £80pp (advanced)

7-14 attendees - £35pp (basic) or £70pp (advanced)

15+ attendees, please get in touch via the form below to discuss numbers and secure a price.

If you have a bespoke training requirement or are after training for a product not listed above, please use the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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