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FREE onsite campsite audit

An in-depth report of your campsite and online presence.

Do you have a great campsite that just isn't getting the volume of bookings you need to make it a viable business?

Are your marketing efforts failing to get the inbound leads and bookings you crave and need?

My free onsite campsite audit may just be the answer you've been looking for.


Taking the guess work out of your online success

How does the FREE campsite audit work?

It's simple. You register your interest to have an onsite audit with me at which point you will be given an estimate of when this will occur. 

I visit your campsite for 7 nights (you cover the cost of the pitch with electric hookup)

During my stay at your campsite or holiday park I will explore the surrounding area for things to do and take many images and videos of your campsite and surrounding areas. 

At the end of the 7 day stay, I will supply you with an in-depth report of my findings. This report will include topics such as:

  • Campsite overview

  • Pitch conditions, numbers and types.

  • Facilities available and condition

  • Things to do 

  • Things to see

  • Full website audit

  • Full social media audit of one platform (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest)

Under each of the above topics you will get my thoughts and recommendations on how you could improve the experience for your clients and how you can generate more inbound leads via your website and social media accounts. 

But I don't simply tell you that something is missing from your website for example, I actually tell you how you can resolve or improve it yourself. If you do not have the necessary skills, or indeed the time to do it yourself, I will of course provide a discounted quote should you wish to engage with me to do the work for you.

The report will be written in an SEO (search engine optimised) way so that you could copy and paste some parts of it for use on your website, for example, the Campsite Overview or Things to do sections. 

You receive over £500 of value for the cost of permitting me to stay on your campsite for 7 nights! 

There is absolutely no obligation for you to engage with me for any improvements that may be listed in the report for your website or social media as you will have the information within the report to make the changes yourself.

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What's included in the website and social media audit?

Your website will be audited and assessed to make sure the following elements are in place and being put to good use:


  • Usability

  • Accessibility

  • Mobile optimisation

  • Responsive design

  • Basic SEO elements

  • Google my Business

  • Bing Places

  • Online booking system

When auditing your social media platform I will pay specific attention to:

  • Account configuration - do you have all the important information to hand for your prospects to see?

  • Profile setup

  • Profile image

  • Posting frequency and type of posts made

  • Engagement

Existing Social Media Audit. The Online Presence Guy. Website Audit. Website Review. Website Report. SEO Audit. SEO Consultant. Social Media Audit. Instram Audit. Facebook Audit. LinkedIn Audit. Pinterest Audit. Cambridge. London. United Kingdom

Optional extras

Professional images with commercial licenses


During my stay at your campsite, I will take many images and video footage. 

Should you wish to, you will be able to purchase any of the images I take for use on your website or social media channels. You will be offered a discounted bundle rate. Examples of bundle prices:

10 image bundle = £100

20 image bundle = £180

30 image bundle = £240

50 image bundle = £350

These images are supplied with a full commercial license meaning you can freely use them as you wish, including for marketing and commercial resale purposes.

Video creation


Teaser video creation is also offered where I create a 30-second video of your campsite which will make for an eye catching video on your website homepage. Prices for these teaser videos start at just £200.

COMING SOON: Drone footage of your campsite.

Website and social media audit ONLY

Should you not want me to visit your campsite but wish to improve your website and social media effectiveness in generating inbound leads, then you can purchase my website and social media audit separately. 

This in-depth audit which will contain the same information as listed above is an essential investment in your campsite business if you are not regularly filling all your available pitches, regardless of the season!

The website and social media audit costs £100 and is honestly a no-brainer investment in your business if you wish to step up your game and increase your income generated through your campsite.

Social Media

If you’re ready to increase your bookings and bring the uniqueness of your campsite to the UK camping audience, book your onsite campsite audit now by contacting me via the form below

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