Website and social media audits that increase brand awareness and save you money

What's an online presence audit and why will it help my business grow?

As a creative entrepreneur, there could be a variety of reasons why you aren't seeing results from your online efforts:


  • Your website is lacking SEO

  • Your photos are too large, impacting loading time

  • You don’t have a social media marketing strategy

  • You post too little or too often

  • Your brand messaging is inconsistent


If there's an issue to be found, the online presence audit will help identify and resolve it.


At only £147, it's a worthy investment that will have you enjoying profitable results!


Taking the guess work out of your online success

Will “The Online Presence Guy” give me good value for my money?

An online presence audit will help you to:


  • Raise brand awareness

  • Boost your online presence

  • Increase your followers

  • Sell more stuff!


If you consider the above results good value for your money, you’d be correct!

What can I expect from my online presence audit?

Your audit will consist of a website review and audit of up to 2 existing social media accounts.


Here’s the breakdown:

Website audit

Your website will be audited assessed to make sure the following elements are in place and being put to good use:


  • Usability

  • Accessibility

  • Mobile optimisation

  • Responsive design

  • Basic SEO elements

  • Google my Business

You'll then receive a report highlighting any issues found and advice on how to resolve them.


Social media audit

You can choose up to 2 existing social media accounts for review. The report will detail what you are doing well, and make recommendations of what can be improved and how.


Your accounts will be assessed for:


  • Profile setup on each account

  • Post frequency

  • Content posted

  • Brand identity

  • Engagement


You can choose between the following social media platforms for your review and report:


  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest


If you’re excited for a refresh and ready for your dream clients to get their eyes on your unique and creative brand, book your session now!


(Please note: The booking system is hosted on my EMC photography website.)

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