Why Choose EmC Consulting?

My interest in computers began aged around 8 years of age when I received my first Commodore VIC-20. 

I learned basic programming at the time to make very simplistic games (think ping pong).

My interest just grew over the years and by the time I built my first DX-33 aged around 19, I was hooked! By today's standards, that's rather old to start building and upgrading PCs, but at the time, that's when the DX-33 were released in South Africa. Building a PC then, cost a small fortune by the way. 

I have enjoyed a 28 year IT career starting with selling PCs and software as a floor salesman. I then requested transfer into the technical team and was responsible for building PCs to ordered spec, diagnosing and repairing customers equipment etc. 

In 1998 I qualified as a Microsoft Certified Engineer and moved to England in January 1999.

During my career in England, I've enjoyed varied roles including business analysis, software project management, technical account management, trainer and technical sales engineer. 

I don't just have the technical knowledge to help your business thrive, but I also have a great business understanding, I will work with you to get your brand out there in the most streamlined and stress-free way as possible!

- Elton M Cilliers

01. Qualified and experienced

I started my journey into the world of computing at the tender age of 6 and the interest has seen me enjoy a 28-year career in IT in adulthood.

I have a sound technical understanding across hardware and software technology. 

I have had a responsibility as a business analyst for some 12 years of my IT career which involved understanding the clients business and then putting together a report on how we could best save them money, generate more leads or improve customer experience.

Having launched my own businesses in the past 2 years, I have also sifted through all the business tools available to shortlist the ones that in my technical view are the most cost-effective solutions for new startup businesses. 

02. Creative by nature

I have designed and built many websites since the advent of the internet using various platforms along the way.

I work with my clients to understand their brand, their values and their business ethos to agree on a website design that is simply an extension of your business online.


Consistency is key for the brand.


As an artist and photographer, I have a creative mind and love to design!

03. Client-focused

For the past 15 years, part of my IT career role was project management. In this period I successfully delivered over 200 projects ranging in value from £30,000 - £50million. 

When I give you a launch date, I stick to it! (providing you can provide any content you are responsible within set deadlines 😊)

In addition, for some 20 years I was also responsible for Technical Account Management. This included the likes of Barclays, Experian, Whitbread, Npower and more. My client's satisfaction is at the forefront of everything I do! 

I fully understand the power of great client service and word of mouth referrals.

04. Efficient

When I have a task, I like to get it done as quickly as possible.

This doesn't mean I rush! I am diligent in my work, this is a consequence of 15 years of project management mindset. 

But that same project management experience ensures that when I say I'll get something done by X time, I'll do that. Simples. 

You're far more likely to find that I'm waiting on you for information/collateral than the project being delayed by me.

05. More than just a website designer and business mentor

I have been a photographer for over 40 years. As a photographer I'm able to provide you with images for your website and social media channels in three ways:

My stock photography library - choose from thousands of images at very reasonable prices to be included on your website. The benefit of purchasing images, whether it from me or other stock image sites, is that they are far less used across the internet than those images you'd find on free stock sites. I highly discourage my clients to use royalty-free images as this can lower your search engine optimisation efforts.

Brand photoshoot - if you are in the areas I cover (Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Essex or London) then we can arrange for a photoshoot at your place of business. During this shoot, we will capture images identified as being necessary for your website, and in addition, provide you with images you can use in your social media posts etc.

Clients for whom I am building a website, receive discounts on my usual photoshoot prices so it's an absolute win-win situation for you. Truly unique images showing you/your staff and your workplace, inviting your clients to an authentic look into your business.

Social media images and artwork - whilst free images are suitable in some instances, I would NEVER recommend that you use stock images on your website. This will damage your SEO (your sites ranking on search engines) and also bring into question your professionalism in the eyes of some. 

Certain social media platforms provide more reach (how many eyes see your content) on unique or 'fresh' images. 

I can assist with social media management which includes image creation and design either using stock images or images from my own stock website (for an additional fee). 

I can also design completely tailored LinkedIn profile, Facebook page and Pinterest banners.

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